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Qrew Cadet
3 years ago

Generate pie chart based on count of 'checked' boxes in multiple fields

Hi all -

I have 10 fields that are check-box fields; I want to be able to total / count the 'checks' or 'yes's and then create a pie chart of those 10 fields.
How do I this?  I've tried creating a summary report, but it's counting the no's as well as the yes's ; I've read through a few other threads, but the solutions presented seem counterintuitive to what I'm needing to do.  

So - example question: Select your favorite colors:
Blue |  Red  |  Green  |  Purple

A user can select a check box for each of the colors they prefer.  (in my actual case, I have 3,000 entries that i need to roll up the data on)
Now I want a pie chart that shows a comparison of the number of times Blue/Red/Green/Purple are selected.  

How do I do that?
Thank you!


Jennifer Juhasz
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