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6 months ago

Get geolocation lat long on mobile Quickbase

I used to be able to use geo locate apps from the exchange to get my current lat/long GPS coordinates. However, that no longer seems to work.  I'm guessing since Javascript has been disabled. 

Does anyone know if I can use Quickbase on my phone and get the phone's GPS coordinates into Quickbase?

Best I have at the moment is an address field. Then I tell users to click on the map option, choose Google maps, long press on the spot they want, tap on the red flag, copy the lat long, go back back back to Quickbase, paste the lat/ long into a special field. That field triggers a Quickbase action to update the same records street1 and street2 fields with lat long. 

... so you can see why I want a more streamlined method!!!

I know Fastfield is an option, but don't want to have to fork out extra $$ for it and it's not yet secure enough for some of our clients. 

Matt Stephens

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  • You could move the Javascript over to a codepage and use the geolocation api of the browser to grab the currentPosition() and log it back to Quickbase. Codepages from the mobile app work roughly the same - click a button, take them to the page, perform the action(s) you need and then redirect them back. 

    Chayce Duncan