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3 years ago

Google Connection Upload to QB

I currently have a Google Connection set a table that runs on an hourly schedule. It is set to only change existing records with updates.

My problem is getting my file to Google Drive. My source of data is a tool that only allows you to download a file on an hourly schedule to the desktop. I cannot download the file directly to the Google Synch folder so I need a tool to move the file from it's download folder to the Google Synch Folder and then Goggle synch (Backup and Synch from Google) does it's thing. The tool I am using (GS RichCopy 360) to move the file from the download folder to the Google Synch folder also runs on an hourly schedule. I am finding that the tool does not always overwrite the file in Google Synch but adds to it and then I am uploading bad data to Google drive. Does anyone know of a cleaner way to get a file from my desktop to QB on an hourly schedule?

George Bramhall

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    If you can get the file downloaded to your computer in one place you may be able to run a scheduled task to move that file to another place by triggering a batch file. Have you looked into that?

    You could use Robocopy possibly.

    I think you could also use a simple copy command as well. 

    copy Source Destination /y 

    That would overwrite the file at the destination when copying and could be ran as a scheduled task. This is all assuming you are using windows of course.