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2 years ago

Grid Edit in Quickbase Mobile App?

I'm seeing whether QB could provide a questionnaire solution. I want my clients to fill out a questionnaire in the mobile app. The questionnaire has about 10 questions with multiple choice answers. When I created some Grid Edit reports, it looks like you can't open those in the mobile app (or at least, I was unable to figure it out). 

Is there a way to make a flow that is more like Jotform or Google forms where the user can select their multiple choice answer for the 10 questions on the same form in Quickbase mobile?

Solace Sonder

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  • I don't think that the mobile app or the mobile UI experience supports Grid Edit.  You may have some success if you keep users out of the mobile experience.  The is an app setting to allow that which is supposed to work (but strangely not for app admins).  You can also suffix URL buttons with &fullver=1 to keep the user in the full desktop experience.

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)