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2 months ago

Grid edit on new form

Is anyone else having issues with the grid edit on the new forms?  I click the edit  and it takes me to a new page in which I add the new records.  This is a different behavior from the old forms.  


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  • In legacy forms you can set the embedded report to be grid editable when the parent record goes into edit mode. In that mode you can add new records and they will automatically attach to the parent record. That feature does not exist on new forms. When you hit the grid edit icon on either legacy or new forms it does open the embedded report Ingrid edit mode but if you add children it will not automatically connect them to the parent. You would need to manually select the right parent to attach them to or else you will create Orphan children

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      That stinks.  I love the grid edit of a child on a parent.  

      Thanks for the response Mark!

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        Is the cheat if you want to be able to add records in grid edit. Or if you're worried that users might add records and grid edit. The first thing is that you should make related parent a required field so that there's no chance of creating an orphan. But that still doesn't solve the problem that you don't want to have the user having to choose the related parent. So one way to do that is to make a button that will display a super mini version on the legacy form. They were just be a couple fields at the top to identify the parent and then you would have the embedded report. The button would open Record in edit mode and specify that particular record ID.  So that way the users can add records on the legacy form and they will not be orphans.  

        URLRoot() & "db/" & dbid() & "?a=er&rid=" & [Record ID#]

        & "&dfid=99" // replace 99 with the super mini Legacy form ID.