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3 years ago

Grid reports - exporting

I created a table report in my application and I have exported the data from there on several occasions.  However, I customized the report to add one field and it switched to a grid report (I didn't do that on purpose but I might have accidentally) and now I can't export the data.  Can I switch it back to a table report?

Kristine Chapman

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  • Hi Kristine,

    It unfortunately looks like you ran into a bug we are having right now with table reports getting converted into Grid Edit reports. It happens when a table report is put into Grid Edit mode and then customize this report is used to edit the report. I would suggest putting in a case with our Care team so we can capture that you were effected and tie you to the escalation we have open right now looking into the bug. You can get in touch with our team via Support where you see it in the top right hand corner of the Community or within quickbase under the question mark icon in our global navigation at the top of the page by selecting Manage Support Cases

    Evan Martinez