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3 years ago

Help if Formula Rich Text

I'm trying to use an IF statement in a Formula Rich Text formula field in a report.  I want a yellow triangle to populate of a certain date is or before today.  Here is my formula, which seems fine until I save the report, and then I get the attached warning.

If([Collections_Lien Review Date]<=Today(),"<img src='https:\\'>","")

This is the warning I get, and I'm not sure why it refers to CASE when I'm using IF.

Formula error -- Bad or missing arguments in function call

The types of the arguments or the number of arguments supplied do not meet the requirements of the function Case.

The function is defined to be Case ( x, val1, result1, ..., else-result).

You may need to do one of the following to fix the problem:
  • Choose the right number and type of arguments.
  • Use a type conversion function to convert the arguments you are using to the correct type.
  • Choose a different function.

Lenny Brooks

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  • It looks ok to me but try this variation.

    If([Collections_Lien Review Date]<=Today(),"<img src=https:\\>")

    Mark Shnier (YQC)