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5 months ago

Hide Tables, but keep view as "all records"

I want to remove some tables from the menu bar at the top, because I want to force usage through one table.  Is there a way to Hide the tables from the menu, but keep the visibility of the data for the user?

Renee Hansen

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  • Yes, it is good practice, to hide tables where the users have no business really looking at the table in isolation. The typical use case for this is One Order has Many Lines and really the user would always be looking at Orders with an embedded table of Order Line opposed to a giant table full of random order lines from all the orders.  

    So "np", just go to those regular non admin Roles and look for the User Interface Tab.  You will be able to use a checkbox to Hide In Table Bar.

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)
  • If you go into the Role settings for any particular role in your app - there is a tab for 'User Interface' where you can check off the tables under a 'Hide' column that you don't want to appear in the table bar / ribbon. This doesn't impact users ability to see the actual data/view rights - it will just remove it from the ribbon as you're describing. 

    Chayce Duncan