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3 years ago

Horizontal radio buttons via code page

I am not super well versed in code pages but am wondering if anyone had any experience using them to make radio buttons display horizontally? I looked around previous forum posts and they had suggested using the following Javascript in a rich text formula field. However, Javascript is no longer supported in formula fields. Is there a way to create a code page that contains this and direct specific forms to that code page so the radio buttons display horizontally when adding, editing, and viewing a form?

"<img src=\"/i/clear2x2.gif\" " &
"onload=\"javascript:if(typeof QBU=='undefined'){QBU={};setTimeout(function(){" &
"$('.RadioButtons br').remove();" &
"$('.RadioButtons label.NoneOfTheAbove').remove();" &
"$('.RadioButtons label').css('margin-right', '25px')" &
"}, 500)}\">"

Marcela Corro
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