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2 years ago

How do I create a Pipeline that makes the owner of a child record the owner of the parent record?

If I have tables Table A and B how do I create a pipeline that changes Table B's owner to match Related Table B's Owner?


Start: Table A Record Owner: Jim Table B Record owner Jerry

Table B Record is updated by a user

End: Table A and B Record Owner: Jim

Nicholas Geer

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  • The Record Owner is set when the record is created, unless I'm mistaken, you can't change that value later.     

    You may need a different user field like [Assigned Owner] for example, for something that you can manipulate from a pipeline to change the main user associated with the record.

    Jeff Peterson
  • You can use a webhook with API_ChangeRecordOwner to accomplish this: API_ChangeRecordOwner – Quickbase Help

    As Jeff said, I don't think it's possible to change the record owner using Pipelines without a webhook.

    Tyler Jablonski