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7 years ago

How do we get the weekdays in a month?

We need to compute for below formula:

Utilization %  =  Total Actual Hour / (Weekdays in a month * 7.5)

How do we get the weekdays in a month? 

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  • Assuming that you have a date field to indicate the month,

    ToDays(LastDayOfMonth([My date field]) -FirstDayOfMonth([My date field])) + 1
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      sorry, I am not understanding your question.

      You asked how many weekdays there are in a month.  Which month?

      Maybe it's good enough to use 365.25 / 12 = on average 30.4 days in a month.
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      Thank you for  this.  I just used this today.  (I had NO idea QB even existed 7 years ago.  I love that help provided back then is still relevant today.)