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11 months ago

how to add a button that will prompt a dialog box


I am new to the QB world as an admin. I am trying to add a checkbox button and when the box is checked it will prompt a dialog to explain the reason for the check. Can anyone help or point me in the right direction?

Marcus Fitzgerald

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  • There unfortunately isn't a true dialog box setup - however this can be accomplished easily with form rules or navigation to second form. 

    In the form rule setup, instead of a button just have them actually check the box and use form rules to show and require the comments accordingly. 

    If you like the button - I would recommend having the button navigate them to a different Quickbase form that only has that checkbox field and the comments field on it - so basically they're navigating to a workflow form where they can only enter comments. You can use form rules to then check the box or complete the actions that your current button is performing. 

    Chayce Duncan