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2 years ago

How to Completely Prevent "More - Copy this record"

Hi - I have a parent table connected to a child table.  In the child table, I need to either

  • Allow "More - Copy this record" and keep it associated with the same parent record
  • OR prevent the "More - Copy this record" function completely

I've read about not selecting Auto-fill - Copy the value when using "Copy this record" to add a new record so that users will basically add a blank record.  But i actually don't want that to happen.

Hope this makes sense.




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  • The only way I can think of is to make the field for [Related Parent] be required and then set the field to be read only.  Then the Copy button will leave that blank and the user will be unable to save. 

    If you like you could also make a formula message field to display by form rules that when [Related Parent] is blank to display some words.

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)
  • Thanks Mark - that will work!

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      Qrew Cadet

      I use the same technique Mark describes and put a bit of effort into styling a conditionally visible Form Rule message (with Bootstrap Alerts) to guide User to create the Child via the Parent. That should prevent duplicating records, but I'd require the Related Parent at the Field level (checkbox) vs. the Form level if that makes sense.

      Styling and clearly presenting a helper message helps saves time and reduces confusion especially. The native Quickbase message when attempting to save can be unclear:

      "You do not have modify access to the required field "Your Field Name" 
      Please contact the administrator of this application to report this issue.

      It doesn't sound like you want the native copy functionality at all, but please note there is an additional field setting to "Copy the value" that may be (un)checked. Alternatively, you could create a Copy formula URL button that takes the user to the add record form with values pre-filled from an existing child, from the context of where that button would be pressed.

      Brian Seymour