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2 years ago

How to do year-to date calculation and show on a chart

Hi Everyone,

I'm trying to create the below chart in QuickBase. I selected line & bar chart type so that count of  "Approved" proposals per month can be shown on bar and area (Approved YTD field with light green in the below chart) can be shown in the form of line chart. As I don't see bar-area chart type option in QB

I'm not sure how to calculate count of approved YTD (year to date value with light green in the above chart) values here?

Furthermore, can I replace bar by stacked bar chart?  There are 2 subcategories within "Approved" field so if possible would like to show that as well. I'm not sure if there is a way to combine different types of charts in 1 chart or we can select chart only from this list.

Thank you in advance! 

Mrunali Kadam

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  • I suggest that you use a waterfall chart type if you want a stupid simple solution.  It will give you the basic results that you want, although in a different presentation format.

    But if you want to more closely replicate our chart image example, you will ned to get up to speed on Formula Queries to get that rolling sum YTD totals field.
    @Sharon Faust a.k.a. The Quickbase Junkie has some wonderful training material including this video.



    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)