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3 years ago

How to download Work Order, Purchase Order, etc... as a PDF from QuickBase?

Hello all,

I see others sending work orders, purchase orders, invoices, and/or etc. as a PDF from QuickBase. I have seen others do this at my company with our QuickBase system. Can someone please advise the process for saving an invoice, purchase order, or work order as a PDF? This would be extremely helpful as I have to send these purchase orders out to company's that do not have direct access to our system so "Send PO as email" or "Send WO as email" does not work in these cases. Even if I send the PO to myself it does not send it to me as an attachment, it copy/pastes the WO into an email. 

Any help would be great!

Bryce T.

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  • There is no current native functionality to create a PDF.   The only native option is to create as nice a form as you can and make a Button to print the form to PDF using you own computer.  There is a way to specify a form when you print. But then you would need to save the PDF to your computer somewhere and then manually send an email.  There is a way to create a button to open up an email  and populate the TO, SUBJECT and BODY, but you would need to attach the PDF manually.

    So admittedly that not so convenient ...

    So what most companies decide to do is to use a 3rd Party add on to do that job and the most popular is from Juiced Technologies, called Exact Forms Plus.  It allows you to push a button and a PDF will attach itself to the record.

    Then there is the issue of how to email it.  As you know, Quickbase does not email attachments.  You can email a link to an attachment, but most recipients these days want to see a real PDF attachments.  They may be afraid to click a link from an email. 

    So, Juiced offers another add on called Courier.

    That product can, among other things, deliver emails with attachments from your record.

    Then having done the setup, you can use both together so you can push a button, create the PDF and and have it emailed the recipient(s) all in one click.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)
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      Got it, well no one in my company has that software. I assume they are using the print to pdf option. Using chrome it opens a print preview, but I do not see an option to save. Would I need to use ctrl + save once in the print preview? 

      Thank you, 


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        Virtually every PC these days can print to PDF natively.  Does your PC have that as an option when you select your "Printer"? Also, by the way, there is a way to make a button to print and control the form used, in case you want an alternative form to be printed.

        Mark Shnier (YQC)
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      thank you once again Mark!

      Keith Jusas
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      I strongly recommend the Juiced solution.

      Don Larson