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3 years ago

How to eliminate line break from log enabled text field


I was trying to apply "searchandreplace" to replace line break from log enabled text field.

Sample data of text field (two single line entry as log)

[MAY-18-21 XXX UUU] Test

[MAY-19-21 XXX UUU] Test2

Was trying to remove line break and merge the two lines in single line

searchandreplace([Data Field],"\n","|")

Even tried with "\\n" but no change.

Any suggestion please?

Forhad Anwar

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  • This is untested, so perhaps save your data or try in a test app first, but I suspect you can change the field properties to not log, then make your changes, then change back to a logged field. You would create a formula field that makes the changes, then you would need to copy/paste the formula field into a manual field (or back on top of the original field and overwrite it).

    This of course is a one time fix and is not the same as just having a formula show the field in a different way. In that case, you could probably make an automation that unlogs the field, performs a table to table import using a formula field that removes the line breaks etc, then relogs the field.

    Mike Tamoush
  • Hello Forhad, any success with this?

    Ayman Hanash