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2 years ago

How to give Location and TimeZone of the user on a form


I got the requirement like we need to show the current user location and time zone on a form, it shouldn't be a auto filled, it should be like a dropdown value with only their specific location they can select, and they can change it to other if they want, without creating a Master table could it be done? If anything related have done earlier, request your help here.

Bhargavi Katepalli

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  • Here is a simple way to do this:

    Have a multiple-choice dropdown called [Location] that holds your locations (Location A, Location B, etc).

    Then a formula-text or formula rich-text field called [Location and Timezone]:

    var text timezone = Case([Location],

    "Location A", "Timezone A",

    "Location B", "Timezone B",


    "Working in "&[Location]&" in timezone: "&$timezone

    When the user chooses a location, this would give you some text like this:

    'Working in Location B in timezone: Timezone B'

    Jeff Peterson