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2 years ago

How to inhibit new record autofill of record controlled by dynamic form rule

Use Case:   Dynamic Form Rule populates user and date fields when a condition changes from False to True. 
  • Dynamic Form rule option is checked to Fire the Change only when the condition changes from false to true.
  • The condition that fires the change is selection in a multiple choice drop down being changed from blank to a choice.
  • This works well for an existing record
Problem Statement (1):   When creating a new record, the user and date fields are automatically populated even though the condition is False.    
Problem Statement (2):   If the multiple choice condition is set back to blank, how to remove the data that was automatically populated to the user and date  fields.

Annetta Coleman

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  • I did a test and this actually worked perfectly for me. Is there any chance that you have set those user and date fields to default to the current user in the current date respectively? 

    I added a second rule to blank out those fields and the only trick was I had to create a helper field called [Null User] which was a formula user field with no formula so that the form rule number two could reset the user to the value in the field [Null User].

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)