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4 months ago

How to open document in new tab

Hi ,

I have a Business proposal table and Document table in my app. Each new business proposal should go through a set of pre-reads before starting the process. The pre-reads have few documents and links from sharepoint. But I want to move all the Documents from sharepoint to Quickbase document table and open the document in new tab.

Challenge: I have uploaded the files in document table and related it to Business proposal table but when I try to access the document ,instead of opening the document in new tab QB is downloading the document. 

Note: I have checked "Use a new browser window for file attachments that can be opened in the browser checkbox " in field properties.

Please provide me suggestion to open the document in new tab .


Hemavathy Rajendran

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  • What kind of documents are they? Only PDFs / Images can truly be opened in the browser. Word Documents as an example can only be downloaded given the nature of the file type.

    Chayce Duncan