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3 years ago

How to remove 'None of the Above' option from Radio Buttons without making a question 'required' - and without Javascript?

Hi -

Having some challenges with Radio Buttons.  I'm aware I can just make everything drop-down fields, but radio buttons are prettier for a linear scale-style question (I'd also love to figure out how to display horizontally, rather than vertically)

I don't want to make the questions 'required' to remove the 'none of the above' option.

The only options I can find in the forums here refer back to Javascript, which doesn't work any longer, right?  

Suggestions on how to make this happen?

Thank you!

Jennifer Juhasz

2 Replies

  • Unless you make it required on the form, then none will be an option for the radio butons.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)
  • If you create a user feedback for this, I'll upvote it! I too have wanted a radio button with no 'none of the above' option. And if nothing is selected, it is the same as if you had 'blank' selected in your dropdown. I figure they could accomplish this by allowing you to 'unselect' the radio button by clicking it a second time.

    Mike Tamoush