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2 years ago

How to show date and timestamp in formula field

I'm adding two fields, one field is having Date and Timestamp and another field is Duration of  days. the output I want is Date/Time.

Output field type is Date/Time

ToDate([Request Received Date]) + Days([TAT]) 

Using above formula I'm getting the output in Date format, But I required in Date/ Timestamp

manohar vankireddy

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    If the [Request Received Date] is actually starting out as date/time then just remove the ToDate function there as that is what is causing it to be converted to a date only and not have any time associated with it. You mentioned the output field type was date/time so I assume this meant your original field there.

    You could also use ToTimeOfDay to pull the time out of the date/time field to begin with and work with it from there.

    However if [Request Received Date] starts as a date only you cannot pull a time from it.