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4 months ago

how to show multiple links with link label in a grid edit report

Hi, I'm using Project management app as a model to create my new app. Each tasks in the template task have 2-4 help links attached to it, Hence I tried using Rich text field type to enter the question with link but when I use this field in grid edit report all the formatting details are displaying as below. So I updated my question field link to text multiline and trying to add a new field to add all the links associated to that question.

Note: I have 400 questions to be added in the template table with overall 250 links in total.

I tried adding links to formula rich text to show or hide links according to the QID but this makes the formula very lengthy and not sure if this an effective way. Please let me know if you have come across this kind of req and what helped the best.



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  • Can you explain what your ultimate goal is? And perhaps what tables you have and the relationships between them?

    Mike Tamoush