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2 years ago

How to support complex query with conditional dropdowns

I have a generic 'Contacts' table that is a child table to both a 'Company' table and also to a 'Customer' table.  

In then have an 'Issues' table where I want to use a relationship to 'Contacts' to select the Issue Owner (thus 'Contacts' is the parent table to 'Issues')  .   'Issues' is also a child table to 'Customers'  (Full Diagram below)

When creating a new issue record, I'd like the Owner (Contact) dropdown to contain all of the contacts related to Company A + the contacts related to the Issues related customer.

I'm familiar with the conditional dropdown concept but can't wrap my head around how it might support this type of query (e.g.  contacts related to Company A  AND contacts related to the Issue's related customer)

Hoping I'm just overthinking it.  Appreciate any help.

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  • I think that this is easy.
    Create a field in Contacts which concatenates the Company and Customer like this


    The when creating an issue have the user select a drop down of which Company and then which Customer and create the same concatenated formula field in the issue and make sure its on the form, even if in a hidden field or section.

    Then base the CDD configuration for Related Contact on matching Company-Customer.

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)