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3 years ago

How to turn OFF 'Save & Next' button

I have a Parent Table (Projects) that has numerous Child Tables.   The Primary nucleus for Project Editing and Viewing is a detailed Project Main form that has embedded children tables (for viewing) and appropriate editing of children tables from the launch point of the parent table.

Editors of the Project Table (Project Managers and Portfolio Managers) should be presented with Save & Close and Save & Keep Working.   They should NOT be presented with Save & Next since the "next" Project Record is entirely irrelevant to the PM or Portfolio Lead.  In between updating a single project record, they would return to a dashboard and select the next project to work on based on actionable items on their dashboard or based on the project updates that are working next per meeting schedule.   

How do I turn OFF Save & Next?

Annetta Coleman

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  • ... I don't think there is a way to disable that feature.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)
  • Hi Annetta,

    Mark is correct that while there is a way to disable save and keep working there is not a way to disable the option to save and next at this time. If this is something that would help your workflow I would suggest submitting it to our feedback platform. You can access our feedback from your My Apps page under the feedback tab. That way this feedback will go to our product team and other users will be able to add their support to the idea if they need it as well.

    Evan Martinez