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2 years ago

I need a formula to get the count of all possible dropdown options in a text-multiple choice field.

I have a text-multiple choice field that presently has 65 options from which the user can choose. I need a formula that I can assign to a formula-numeric field that returns the count of all possible options from that dropdown. We expect it to change from time to time and would like for the count to adjust based on additions or deletions to the options. Thoughts?

Justin Owens

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  • Well, one solution is to copy and paste those 65 options into a new table with 65 records. Set the key field to be the text value of those choices. Then make a relationship back to your app based on the current multiple choice field as the reference field. Basically change it from a multiple-choice field to a table relationship. Then you can easily have formulas and some summary fields which total the number of records in the table.

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)