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3 years ago


hi, Sometimes we need to exclude wells from our timeline if it was acquired after production started on it.

So I've created a field checkbox that says "Exclude from comp to 1st prod" and it's a checkbox, so yes or no.

1. I want this icon to come up, on the record if that box is checked (the URL is

2. it would also be nice to have a formula that does that. If acquired date is after completion date, then show then check that box and show the icon

Not sure what's possible, or even how to do it. 


Renee Hansen

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  • np,
    Try this as a formula Rich Text field. 

    IF([Exclude from comp to 1st prod], "<img src=>")

    The img src means Image Source. 

    Mark Shnier (YQC)
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      Hi @Mark Shnier (YQC), Is it possible to include the icons in the text Multi-choice options/ Multi- Select text options as well?​ Please help. Thank you!

      Venkatesh Gandi
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        Yes, you will just have a formula to determine if the multi select field contains some value and if so, calculate an icon.

        in pseudo code it would be like

        List(" ",
        IF(Contains(ToText([my multi select field]), "choice 1"), image 1),
        IF(Contains(ToText([my multi select field]), "choice 2"), image 2),
        IF(Contains(ToText([my multi select field]), "choice 3,) image 3))

        Mark Shnier (YQC)