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7 months ago

Ideas on how to schedule geographically?

Here is the problem I am trying to solve. We have a number of assets (Types of Valves) that we need to service. Each asset as a gps lat/long coordinate. I can see these assets on a Quickbase Map, so that helps. So, when looking at the map, in a couple square blocks I may have 30-40 assets. I want to pick a few square blocks, and schedule all assets in that square. Scheduling can be a simple date field on the record. 

Right now, all I can think of is to individually click on every map entry, and edit the record. But that seems too long. Is there some way I can use the GPS coordinates to get a start and stop point, or somehow make a report of the ones I want? Then I can grid edit the report. What I cannot figure out, is when looking at the map, how to somehow create the report with all the assets in the couple block radius I desire.

I suppose maybe I can go through my entire map and enter in some sort of coordinates for start points and stop points - 2 corners. Then I have a min/max lat/long....any better ideas?

Mike Tamoush

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  • Is this the 'native' map you're using? If so - the best option to keep this as a native solution is to maybe have two pages side by side - the map on one and a grid edit on the other and hover over the map to figure out which ones you want and then toggle over to the grid edit and enter the date. 

    The native map is just going to be a view so it's not going to have the kind of functionality to help with scheduling like it sounds like you're looking for. 

    You can go the custom code page route - where you could build your own custom map and there is functionality in the Google API as an example where you could draw a radius or area around a collection of points and filter only what's in that area and have a process to then schedule them. 

    If you want to get wild with it - you could also try some kind of 'auto schedule' and create a script that does a simple calc of the distance between each point (haversine formula) and find all the ones that are close to each other and just auto-schedule them in a batch job that your team can then review and make any adjustments. 

    Chayce Duncan
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      Maybe check with juiced.  They can identify addresses within a radius. I also  so have a User Focus technique to set a radius, identify all the records within that radius. Then you could mass grid edit. 

      Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)