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3 years ago

If formula that doesn't read empty fields


I need help with a formula. I want it to look at a quality score field and return text. I wrote it to show the text if the score is less than 97 but I want it to be more than 0 and less than 97 because it is reading the field when it is empty.

This formula works fine but it also returns the text if all the fields are empty.

If([TOP ACES Quality]<97 and [Satisfaction Score]<95 and [CE Score]<97.6 and [NPS Score]<79.3 and [FCR Score]<95 ,"Missed 5 of 5")

Please help.

Fatima Khan

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  • try this

    [TOP ACES Quality]<97 and [TOP ACES Quality]>0
    [Satisfaction Score]<95 and [Satisfaction Score]>0
    and [CE Score]<97.6 and [CE Score]>0
    and [NPS Score]<79.3 and [NPS Score] >0
    and [FCR Score]<95 and [FCR Score]>0 ,"Missed 5 of 5")

    You might also try changing the field properties on those 5 fields to not treat blank as zero, and then your formula may work as is.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)