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2 years ago

If.. Then statements for quickbase

I've recently been assigned as an admin for quickbase and have some question regarding a project I have been assigned. We have an ordering app that includes separate tables for vendors, internal requisitions, items, and inventory. I need to add an "order division field" to the internal requisition and each division will be associated with a list of product types. The product type will be in the "items" form.

There is a relationship between:
  • Each Vendor can have many internal requisitions
  • Each Internal requisitions can have many item entries
  • Each Internal requisition can have many inventory entries

What I need to do is - When adding items to the internal requisition I would like to be able to only see product types associated with e.g. division A if the internal requisition the item is being added to is under division A. If division is B then only show product types for B. 

What is the best way to accomplish this? Do I need to create a separate table to associate divisions with product types, or add division as a field and use a formula with multiple choice in the items form to only show "x product types" if division = A.

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  • np
    We call this a CDD "Conditional Drop Down".

    On the relationship between Item Masters and Item Entries where you are selecting an "Related Item" from the Item Master, look at the field properties for that field and check the box for Conditional.

    Then configure that once you select a Department only show items for that Department.

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)