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3 years ago

Import CSV via email

Hi All!

I feel like this is a thing and I'm just blanking on how to do it, but haven't found anything online. 

All I'm looking to do is to import a csv into a QB table when forwarding the email (with CSV attachment) to a specific email address. 

I completely understand how to do this when utilizing the webhook endpoint. I thought there was a more direct way of doing this without needing to utilize an external parser. 

Any help would be awesome!

Thank You!


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  • As far as I know you have to do this either via a sync table, or a 3rd party like Juiced Tech. But perhaps someone else out there knows differently.

    Mike Tamoush
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    You may have seen an article or post about the opposite, causing Quickbase to email out a CSV, which is possible. I do not think it is possible to do it the other way and email a csv and have quickbase pick it up natively without any external services though.

    Another option may be to upload the file into Dropbox or similar and have Quickbase pick it up there and update a table. Could that work for you? You can email files to a Dropbox folder so it may give you the functionality you are looking for. I am not sure if there is a cost associated or not though.

    From there it is possible to have a Quickbase table based upon a Dropbox folder via connected tables. I believe you would just need to send the file in to the email and then Quickbase should see a change and update the table.

    You will need to figure out how to do versioning or anything like that. I am not sure what happens if you email a file with the same name or any of that. This may do what you want though.