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5 months ago

In the new forms, can you get 4 columns in the record picker?

I'm running into a bit of a migration issue. We currently have a database on the old version of the forms (Pre 2023 modernization). There's a lot of changes that need to be done to the database, so I'm working on rebuilding the database which is now being done in the modern forms. 

In the old version of the forms, you could choose a report to use as the record picker for data entry, and it would give you more than the 3 default columns which you can set in the table settings. Here's an image showing what I'm referring to when choosing to use a report for the data entry:

However, in the new forms I'm not able to find any option to choose a report to be used for data entry. It gives an option to "Select using record picker", and I can choose "based on report", and it will give the first three columns of that report. But I need to be able to get 4 columns. Each column is fairly distinct, so if I can avoid using a formula to concat two columns together I'd like to avoid that, and actually just display 4 columns in the record picker instead of used concatenated columns.

With the redesign of forms, did they remove this functionality to display more than 3 columns in the record picker, or am I just missing something somewhere?



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  • I create a report with my 4 columns then choose the report instead of Record Picker.

    Tammie King