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2 months ago

Incompatible value error

I'm using the API to create records, from time to time I get an error that says incompatible value, today I got it again:

"lineErrors" => {
      "7" => ["Incompatible value for field with ID \"43\".", "Incompatible value for field with ID \"93\"."]

This is the record in question:

{"6"=>{:value=>blah}, "11"=>{:value=>"2024-04-16T07:59:30-05:00"}, "12"=>{:value=>"2024-04-16T14:50:00-05:00"}, "13"=>{:value=>"blah"}, "24"=>{:value=>blah}, "25"=>{:value=>blah}, "43"=>{:value=>21418}, "93"=>{:value=>269}, "15"=>{:value=>11356}}

There are 3 more record that are created properly, those 3 records share the same values for 93. I also check the records for the value on column 43 and all those exists.

It is driving me crazy. Any idea?

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