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4 years ago

Introducing the Code Page Samples App

Introducing the Code Page Samples App

Hello Builders! 

We are on a constant journey to elevate the level of sophistication that can be achieved in Quickbase. From new aggregate capabilities, Pipelines, a refreshed UI and class-leading governance, Quickbase is a truly no-code tool. But to us, no code doesn’t have to mean “code not allowed”.

While we are retiring iCal and vCard fields natively, those features can be achieved with a little bit of JavaScript and our new RESTful APIs. More recently, we announced that we will be changing the way the platform handles custom content (like JavaScript code) that is inserted outside of code pages to put security first. Combining this effort with our roadmap to build extensibility, we both analyzed product usage and spoke with hundreds of builders to understand common use cases and edge case scenarios for extending Quickbase.

While we aim to provide as much native functionality as possible, we have a strong set of APIs that allow builders to extend the platform and innovate. Much of this can be achieved client-side, in code pages. To help builders take advantage of these techniques, we have collected examples into a new app, the Quickbase Code Page Samples app! This app is open to everyone on the internet. Use it as a guide to better understand how to take advantage of code pages, and how they can be used to extend the platform, solving for even more use cases. As we continue to listen and learn from you, we’ll update the app to include additional examples. Please note: this app's purpose is to highlight helpful techniques for code pages, and while this overlaps nicely with the need to move away from using inserted JavaScript, the app is not intended to be focused exclusively on that initiative.

Over the coming months, we will publish additional blog posts dedicated to each technique. The first one, about Using Code Pages to Refresh with a Delay is available now. These posts will explain how a given technique works, and how it can be applied to your own apps. Keep an eye out for these posts over time.

Finally, please remember that these code samples are provided as-is, and are not supported directly by Quickbase.

Have a great week,

-The Quickbase Product team

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  • Is the any documentation of the Get Started with Examples button on the dashboard. It does exactly what I'm trying to do: Create a record from the dashboard, save it, delay and then open the record in edit mode.