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3 months ago

Is it possible to return to the parent from an embedded report, on mobile?

On mobile, when you click on an embedded report, it shows you the children in a list. There is no way from this list, to get back to the parent (that I can find). Does anyone have a work around? This seems like a giant oversight, but what is new on mobile.

There is the general 'back' button, but this only works if you happen to click into the embedded report and immediately back out. If you then view any child, and return to the embedded report, the back button of course takes you back into the child.

My only thought is to make a Return to Parent rich text field and put it in the report, but then it says that on every child and is just ugly, and takes up one of the valuable visible field spots.

Is this just another instance of mobile being difficult? Or am I missing some obvious return button?

Mike Tamoush

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    That is how I solved it, a Rich Text on every record.   I do have a specific mobile form and embedded report so this does not show up on the desktop.

    Don Larson