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Qrew Cadet
6 years ago

Is there a way to see all the feature requests my company has submitted?

I work on multiple apps, but there are many members of my team working on building it and updating it. We all submit feature requests via the User Voice option. However, we may not know who has entered a feature request or whether it has even been entered at all.

It would be nice to be able to see every feature request my company/team has submitted so that I can comment, add a vote, etc to keep all our requests together and organized.

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  • Hi Drew,

    I wanted to follow up after a little digging and confirm that currently we don't have a tool to help display all the feature requests incoming from your Account as a whole instead of just your personal requests. I have passed on this feedback though as a desired option to allow for more visibility for a user. As odd as it might sound I would suggest putting in a User Voice request for this as well, even though it is for User Voice itself, just to make sure we have it documented as feedback there and we can see if there are other admins that would be interested in expanding their visibility in User Voice. Thank you very much for your time today Drew.