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6 months ago

Jinja time check in Pipelines

I wish to stop my pipelines running outside of working hours

I have an IF section with advanced expression. What is the correct syntax to check whether the current hour is greater than or equal to a given hour?

I have tried

{{ <= 15'}}

{{ <= '5}}

but these don't seem to work

thank you

Pete James

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  • I was able to get it to work no issue - from your screenshot you seem to have a ' after the 15 and before the 5. should return an integer so you should be comparing it to just an integer, remove the '

    {{ <= 15}}

    Also make sure that you're accounting for UTC time in your values - so if you're using for EST working hours you'll need to add 6 to the hours you're targeting (ie 5PM EST would be 23)

    Chayce Duncan
  • thanks.. working now

    Pete James