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3 years ago

Journey of a New Quickbase Builder: App Management

Becoming Builder certified and a successful application builder comes with different lessons learned along the way. I’ve discussed several key topics that will help you in achieving the goal of becoming Quickbase Builder Certified. These topics are: 

The last critical piece into becoming builder certified is managing your application. 

How to manage your application(s) 

You’ve just created this awesome application and it is ready to go live. Your job is done, right? Wrong! Now is the time to manage your application and continually set it up for success. My “aha” moment struck me in a sense of comparing app management to coaching a soccer team. I won’t win a championship by simply gathering players and making a team. I need to game plan to put these players in positions that showcase their strengths, work on team/individual weaknesses, and adapt to changes in order to win. Same idea with your application - it needs to be managed and set up for success. 

There are two places where you can go to configure and manage your application: App Properties and App Management. It is critical to click into both management settings and understand what these can do for you and your application. Both pages can be found by clicking into the settings gear at the top left of the screen under the home tab. (It will then display the settings page (shown below) 



  1. App Properties - This section is broken down into five headings:  
  • Name & Description 
  • Formatting 
  • App Date and Time 
  • Advanced Settings 
  • Cross-application relationships 


  1. App Management - This section is broken down into four sections:  
  • Show app info 
  • Manage App Structure 
  • Manage App Contents 
  • Manage the App 



My recommendation in prepping for becoming certified is to fully understand these two elements of managing your application. What helped me was to write down every option within both app properties and app management onto a note card, then write its description/definition, and finally quiz myself. (ex. Show Relationship Diagram- Can be found under App management and displays a diagram showing how the tables in the app are related) This helped me tremendously understand the difference between properties/management, the options available, and where these options could be found.

I encourage everyone to take a deeper dive and click on every single option to understand its function. For more help and information on app properties and app management, please refer to our university courses and our help guides. 

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