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6 months ago

Kanban Card: Please help format a formula rich text field

I am struggling with the formatting for my Kanban Card (see formula below)

  • How to obtain 8 spaces without repeating &nbsp 8 times
  • How to change the font color to AF0061 for the Pipeline Time Fence field (this one field should be colored, the rest should all be black)

Thanks in advance for Community help!

1  "<div style=font-size:10px>"&"MCD #: "&"<b>"&[Project ID]&"</b>"&"&nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp &nbsp SNow#: "&"<b>"&[IT SNow ID (Project)]&"</b><br>"

2 &"MCD Leadership Over Ride: "&"<b>"&[Pipeline Time Fence]&"</b><br>"
3 &"Objective Score: "&"<b>"&[Priority Score Final]&"</b>"&"</b><br>"
4 &"Work Effort: "&"<b>"&[IT ROM (T-shirt)]&"</b><br>"
5 &"Primary Team: "&"<b>"&[Kanban Primary Team]&"</b><br>"
6 &"Epic Owner: "&"<b>"&[Project Epic Owner name]&"</b><br></div>"

Annetta Coleman

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