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2 years ago

Kanban Column Field

Hello -

I have a field in my main table called Rank. This field has numeric values starting at 1 and goes up to ~ 1000. It also allows decimals so for example 100.5 or 376.5...etc.

I have a request to make a kanban board with the columns being 'groupings' of the Rank field so for example:







I know the field used for the columns must be a multiple-choice field. 

The only method for this I can think of would be to have a formula field to take in the number and return the 'grouping'. Then use a pipeline or automation to populate a multiple-choice field with that grouping, which could then be used in the kanban report.

My concern with this approach is this Rank field is constantly changing, and a majority of the time this field is wiped out and re uploaded with the bulk upload feature and I worry the pipeline/automation would not work consistently for this use case.

I was thinking one solution could be a scheduled pipeline after hours once a day but this would not be preferred since then the kanban would only reflect changes once a day...Is there a better method for what I am trying to achieve?

Thanks in advance,
Jennifer Paschal

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  • I think a pipeline is the way to go. Set up a pipeline to run every hour. The pipeline will search where the formula ranking does not equal the multiple choice ranking and then get into a For Each loop to update the multiple choice field.

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)