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2 years ago

KPI Formula Queries.

Good morning,

I posted this question before in another form but did not receive any responses. I am not sure if that is because the question was not understood or there is no known solution.

I am trying to create a "score" report based on quality data entered by our QA consultants. The first issue I run into is QB seems to be taking the average of an average since I created a formula field to do the math I need for the scoring. If I add that field to a gauge report summarized by average I get the incorrect "score".

I then decided to try a basic formula query which gives me the "score" I need but since its so basic it queries all of the records. I know I can add additional variables to look at a smaller subset of the data but is there a way to use user defined filters for formula queries? Ex: If I set the gauge report to display the formula query field and add that report to a dashboard is there a way to have the dashboard filters impact what data the formula query reports back?

I have been able to filter formula queries for another use case, on a form, to provide names of people that have taken a class between 2 dates but I can not seem to figure out how to make it work for a report dashboard view. Any help is appreciated.

John Arniotis

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  • There is a technique which I call User Focus Technique where the user would click on a button which is on a single record report on the dashboard and that would allow them to set global filters.   I don't have the time to lay out the steps on this forum here, it would probably take an hour of one on one consulting time to get that working.  Contact me by email if you like.

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)