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3 years ago

Last Modified By field capturing wrong user name

I'm baffled, I set up an automation on a table to add a record when a record in another table gets modified. The record is added but it has my name instead of the person who modified the original record. How do I capture the person's name who modified the record instead of mine? (person who created the app).

Example: Record is Table 1 is edited by a user, (Last Edited By: captures My Name) / Table 2 adds the record which was edited, but has (Last Edited By: My Name) instead of user who edited record in Table 1, which is what I want to capture. 

I think the automation is the culprit, but not quite sure.

Thanks for any input!

William Wallace
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  • Yes, you are correct. The automation is the culprit. When an automation runs, it runs under the owners name (of the automation) which is yourself. Since the automation is modifying the record, boom, you are now the last modified by.

    I am not sure if there is a way to actually update the 'Last Modified by' field, but you can capture the last modified by creating a new text field [Last Modified By Manual] (or something) and as part of the automation, set [Last Modified By Manual] to the [Last Modified By Field].

    I believe since Last Modified By is an intrinsic field, you cannot overwrite it, but perhaps someone else will know otherwise.

    Mike Tamoush
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      Mike's answer is basically correct.  You can have a formula User field called perhaps  [Record last Modified by].
      have the Automation write the [Last Modified by] field from the trigger record into a field called [Last Modified by of Trigger record].

      Then have a formula field for  [Record last Modified by]

      IF(not IsNull([Last Modified by of Trigger record]), [Last Modified by of Trigger record], [Last Modified by])

      That way the formula field will either have the last modified by of the trigger record or the actual made of last modified by if somebody went in and modified the record manually.

      Mark Shnier (YQC)