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3 months ago

Link a SharePoint list to Quickbase table

Hi. I have a SharePoint list and all I want to do is to pull that into a Quickbase table in my app.  Basically keep the Quickbase table in sync with the SharePoint List,  It goes in one direction only. As items are updated in the SharePoint list, I need the table in Quickbase refreshed. I don't necessarily need this done on an event-driven basis, it's also ok if I just query the sharepoint list once a day for example.

Eventually I will use this table in QB for a relationship.  I enter a new record in quickbase in my main table and want to select from a list of users.  that list of users will be in a separate QB table.  that separate users QB table should pull in the source list of users from the sharepoint list.  How do i get a list of users from a sharepoint list into a quickbase table, that i can use that table as a lookup field in a form for another table?

But I can't find anywhere how to do this. I've tried to set up a pipeline in this direction, but I can't get past the first fields with populating the Site Relative URL and List.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Joshua Anderson

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