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8 months ago

Link to display a file directory on my local network?

Wondering if there is any way to open up a link to a local directory on my internal network without enabling special Browser settings or extensions.  I thought that this was not possible, but in talking to another user we did find it possible to paste a link into a browser and have it display a local directory.

Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)

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  • Are you trying it and hitting a wall? It's been some time since I last looked into this - but I linked a file in my local drive like so: 

    path: U:/Development/Realm%20Manager/Codepages/splash-page.html

    And then in the console I did a window .open like so and it works fine for me"file:///U:/Development/Realm%20Manager/Codepages/splash-page.html")

    Chayce Duncan