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3 years ago

Link to Empower 2022 Boston (in person event)

Because, if you are like me and are really tired of getting linked to the virtual event site only... Here is their super hidden IN PERSON event in Boston.

Quickbase Empower Boston 2022

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Quickbase Empower Boston 2022
Join us live for Empower Boston 2022, an exclusive, invite only opportunity! Last year we moved forward together. We've learned to expect the unexpected, and we grew in new ways, at speeds and to a scale never done before. In 2022 we are continuing that momentum and are prepared to Build the Future....
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Meredith Moore

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  • I thought I had the dates wrong until I just learned there is an in-person and a separate virtual Empower in my hand gently rests on the Quickbase Empower 2022 Salt Lake City, Utah May 23-26 mousepad I got last year :)

    Adam Keever
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    I just heard they had planned on doing something in-person as well. I had no idea that was even an option I thought it was all online. I had won a ticket to an in-person event years ago that I was hoping to use at some point but this year seems like there isn't even notice give4n seeing how hidden this is. I wonder what they even plan on doing for the tickets people like me won years ago?