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2 years ago

Linking invoices to documents and combining files.

Ok so I am trying to thing the best way to do this, so any thoughts or ideas are appreciated.

We are a car calibration company. We service cars for Collison shops.
We have a table of all the cars that we estimate. works great. We just build in estimates and invoices. Works great. So much more amazing data now. 

When we send invoices to client and they give it to insurance for payment, they fight it. all the time. So we have OEM docs from all the car manufacturers. Every year and every model so 100s of them. Each saying why the work we did is mandatory and should not be skipped. 

What we would like to do...

When we make an invoice it lists the car make model and year. (this is also in a table) I want quickbase to then link up the corresponding OEM doc (a pdf) and ideally add it to the Invoice so when i hit print save as pdf it also adds all the needed oem docs to it so its 1 pdf with everything they need.


I know i could have it had a hyperlink but they are too lazy to go get them that way so attached to the do would be amazing. 

Ali Mohsenian

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  • You seem to be identifying two different issues. One is how to identify which OEM PDF should be attached to your QuickBase record. Are you looking for that to happen automatically or are you saying the user will manually attach the correct PDF.  

    Then assuming one way or the other that PDF gets attached you are than asking to be able to create a combined PDF which includes the data from your Quickbase record with the PDF file that you attached to the record.  

    To do this you would need to work with Juiced Technologies to used the Add on product called  Exact Forms Plus  and I believe that the Add on can also include additional files to be merged into the same the same document.

    They also have another product called Courier in case you want a single click button to create the PDF and send it out by email from your own mail server.

    Mark Shnier (Your Quickbase Coach)
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      Thanks again Mark.

      Ali,  would love to connect so we can see how your app is designed and then we can make the appropriate recommendation.  We have a few add-ons that can help, the ones we would deploy depends on the exact use case itself and how/where the OEM pdf's are stored...but this is definitely possible.


      Keith Jusas