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3 years ago

List all was converted to Grid Edit

Somehow my List All report was converted to a Grid Edit report. Is there a way to convert it back to a normal report? I would just delete it, but the List All reports can't be deleted.

Forrest Parker

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  • Hi Forrest,

    Unfortunately, it looks like you ran into a bug that has come up with some table reports getting converted into grid edit reports. I would suggest you put in a Care case so you can be tied into the escalation for that bug and so we can capture the experience you are having. Sorry that you ran into that with your List All report.

    Evan Martinez
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      I have the same issue (table report converting to grid edit report). How do I put in a Care case?

      Kristine Chapman
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        At the top of every Quickbase screen there is a ? icon. and then look for "Manage Support Cases" in blue.

        Mark Shnier (YQC)