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4 months ago

List of Majr Mobile Bugs - Add your own?

I have been quite vocal about the dismal state of Quickbase Mobile. QB has said they are commited to the new mobile forms (which I have had a preview and look quite cool), but they are a long way from being available (they claim not so long, but if anyone has been with QB long enough, we know it actually means years, and months of new bugs until they get it right).

In the mean time, they have also been VERY vocal to me that they will, under no circustances, fix any bug on mobille. So we are stuck using a mobile system that seems to break more and more by the day. I wanted to list the biggest bugs I have found, so people don't waste their time trying to figure out what they are doing wrong. Please feel free to add to the list. 

  1. You cannot remove the green plus mark on report links (unless you restrict permissions where the user cannot add to a table). So if you have any custom add button, the mobile user may easily circumvent that by hitting the green plus mark.
  2. On add record, tabs after the first one, do not show (the fields in the tab will show, but the tabs themselves do not show).
  3. When viewing a report link, you cannot search if there is a space in your search string. So if you want to search 'Red House' you must only search either 'Red' or 'House'. This can get really really inconvenient in many circumstances.
  4. If you hide a tab with a dynamic form rule, it only hides the tab heading, nothing underneath it. You must hide all fields and sections individually (hiding a section will hide fields under it luckily, but any fields not in a section have to be hidden individually)
  5. Multiple show/hide dynamic form rules do not work, but it has been so long since my testing, I cannnot remember the specifics. Just know that if you are having an issue hiding or showing on mobile, it is almost certainy a bug.
  6. Override role settings by Report does not work on mobile (this is a nightmare).
  7. If you have a proxy field AND a related field on the form, all kinds of things go screwy. Just don't do it.

These are not insignifcant issues, and it is wholly dissapointing and infuriating that QB has made a strong commitment to doing nothing. I really hope someone at QB listens. Please add your own bugs to the list so we don't all spend time pulling our hair out, thinking it is us.

Mike Tamoush

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  • Hey Mike, I appreciate you taking the time to highlight the importance of these issues and to keep the Quickbase community aware. Ensuring a seamless experience for all our users is top priority for us and commitment, so I wanted to provide an update from our side.


    While we are actively addressing bugs in the mobile app in general, our current focus is on carefully prioritizing and fixing only the most critical issues related to the legacy forms experience. This approach allows us to allocate our resources efficiently as we work towards the launch of the new forms experience on mobile. By focusing on the development of the new mobile forms, we aim to provide a more robust and comprehensive solution that not only resolves current issues but also brings forth improved functionality and user experience, as well as long-waited feature parity with the desktop forms experience, thus bringing higher value to customers in the long term.


    In terms of the new mobile forms timeline I wanted to share a bit more context:

    • In Q2 we are planning different beta opportunities, where smaller group of customers will be able to see and test the new mobile forms experience and share their feedback.
    • We will open an expanded beta program in the second half of Q2 2024, where customers will be able to sign up from the Quickbase Beta Application ( as usual.
    • Once we have addressed the feedback from these programs, we plan on making the new forms experience generally available in Q3 2024.


    We genuinely appreciate our community's patience and understanding as we navigate through this process. We know that the new forms is a strongly desired mobile feature and we are committed to delivering an exceptional experience that will greatly benefit our users. I look forward to sharing further updates and progress with you in the coming months.

    Polina Georgieva

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      Thanks for the update Polina. While I quite look forward to the new mobile forms, I think the hesitancy to be optimistic about the timeline is that Quickbase has not rolled out successfully in quite some time. The new table reports initial rollout was nothing short of a disaster, and took at least 6 months to be usable. Even at this time, there are still major bugs to the point where many of my users still use the old forms. The Pipelines rollout was too fast, so much so they still can't get rid of automations. The new forms are still so riddled with bugs they are unusable for many use cases. All of these had promises of release dates, and none were ready the end user.

      I say this only for this reason - I think we all understand that these things are hard, take time to implement, work out bugs, etc. And in the end, it will be a much better end user experience. I for one like where the new table reports and forms are going. I love Pipelines. They all need some work, but I can see the future. I welcome and encourage this growth for Quickbase. I am certainly a Quickbase fan.

      The issue I think we all have, is that Quickbase abandons the old, working versions before the new version is ready for use. It is this quick abandonment that I hope Quickbase really considers. The mobile use is the height of this abandonment. They abandoned mobile over FOUR years ago! Four years ago they were already telling me they would not be fixing any bugs.On a platform where all instructions is to consider the end user, Quickbase themselves forgot about the end user.

      You state that they are fixing critical bugs, but nothing else. I would consider at least half of the list I posted critical. Particularly the green plus mark not being able to be hidden, and not being able to search with a space. How are these not critical to mobile usage?

      I would not be contributing to this forum so often if I wasn't a Quickbase fan - and I do see and appreciate the direction QB is headed (for the most part). However, to be fair and honest I cannot say that Quickbases mobile platform has, for over 4 years, been anything short of disastrous, and it seems like we probably have at minimum 1 more year of that.

      Mike Tamoush