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20 days ago

Live Chat with Others in The Qrew in Discord

You may have missed my blog a ways back on The Discord can learn about ways people are helping each other out clicking the above link.

If you're looking to engage in a real time chat experience, with other Quickbase professionals, the community-led Discord Qrew is a great spot to do this.

Come connect with RossonLong1 and others as they tackle challenges in real time! 

Click here to access!

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  • The Discord community is awesome. Everyone is so knowledgeable & helpful. Join and see for yourself!

  • Thanks for the shoutout Ben! It's always exciting seeing so many people gathering and collaborating together!

  • When I was a new builder, I found this community. It has been a great place to share, learn and banter.  Join if you want to build a better QuickBase Builder/Developer community.

  • The Discord Channel link is invalid. Anyone have an updated link?

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      Here you go:

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      Here you go Jeff: