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3 years ago

Locating Multiple Choice Field "red text" records

Is there a way to find records in a table that have orphaned, red text multiple choice options? In the example below, the records have a multiple-choice option that no longer exists. (To be clear, I'm not looking to identify only records with red "Third Party Governance." There are plenty more records in the table that have orphaned records. I need to find all of them.)

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!


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  • You can make a summary report which groups on that field and then one by one click into any of them that seems suspicious to explode the drill down into the individual detail records then Grid Edit or "Find and Replace" in the drill down target.

    If you'd like you can set up a specific report to be used for the drill down off the summary report so you just get cleanly get just the fields that you need to do the Grid Edit.  The fewer columns you have in a grid at a report the more rows you get and if you're using grid edit to do mass updates you want a lot of Rows.  As you may be aware if you were in grade edit and hand edit the very first multiple choice field in the row, then you can click on the black header and right click to fill down,  boom - done.

    Then rinse and repeat going back to your summary report to continue to drill down into suspicious choices.

    Mark Shnier (YQC)