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3 years ago

Log Number


May someone help me create a formula for a Rich Text (Formula) field  to be able to create a log number based on a Date / Time field.


Date / Time = 12-17-2021 1:33 PM

I want may Rich Text (Formula) field to to show 2112001

Where 21 = year,  12 = month, 001 is login number

Please advise. Thank  you in advance.

Raymond Marlon Tiangco

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  • Where are you getting the login number from?   

    Here is a formula that gets you most of the way there, but I'm not sure where you're getting the login number, so for now I just put "001" in the formula:

    var text MonthNumber=Left(ToText([DateTime]),2);
    var text YearNumber=Mid(ToText([DateTime]),9,2);
    var text LogNumber="001"; //Need to fix this


    If the DateTime field is 09-27-2021 01:49 PM, then it will output 2109001

    If you can share where the login number comes from I can help you get that working in there dynamically.

    Jeff Peterson